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  • Poppy Hill


    From the Vintage Collection

    Tones: Creamy White, Sage Green, Dusty Blue, Poppy Red, Dusty Rose

    Why We Love It: Poppy Hill is an 1890 watercolor by American painter Childe Hassam that features a meandering path to the ocean next to a field of poppies. He painted the scene while visiting Appledore Island in the Isle of Shoals, a group of small islands located seven miles off the coast of Maine where Hassam said he "spent some of my pleasantest summers [and] met the best people in the country."

    From The Artist:  Childe Hassam was a pioneer of American Impressionism and perhaps its most devoted, prolific and successful practitioner. He produced over 3,000 paintings, oils, watercolors, etchings, and lithographs over the course of his career. His painting The Avenue in the Rain prominently hangs in the Oval Office.


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