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  • Alaska

    Tones: Moss green, cerulean, umber, and ochre

    About The Print: A view of where the mountains meet the sea, this image was captured on a hike near Seward, Alaska by photographer Mikayla Robertson. The colors in the print make a huge impact on the space of the room the print is in. This print is vivid and life-like and transports you to this stunning Alaskan scene. Check out our Juniper Journal for more information about this print and our styling!

    From The Artist: “I couldn't believe my eyes, I wanted to capture it all. The mountains, the sea, those colors, and the haze in the distance. I took the photo just as I saw it, the same exact perspective I had when I swung around and first laid eyes on that beautiful scene. That's what I wanted to remember.” 


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