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  • ISLE


    Art by Jenna Marie Ward

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    Tones: Fog, Ochre, Salmon, Thunder Gray, Ocean Blue, Indigo

    Why We Love It: This piece was created by Jenna Marie Ward with her signature and soulful use of color. Each intentional color block gives it wonderful depth and organic movement. There is so much to love about this colorful and abstract take on landscape artwork!

    From The Artist: "You know that feeling of warm sunshine after a day of rain? And the feeling of anticipation as you drive towards your favorite place by the water? Fresh scrubbed air mixing with being exactly where you want and need to be. Saturated colors infusing the moment with a feeling that things are about to be memorable. That’s what I was trying to capture when I painted Isle. I used all of my favorite colors as I blended up this landscape with a bit of sea to it. We had just spent some time on the grey beaches of an island where I played every summer as a girl and this was my souvenir of the memories made along the water."


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