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  • Warm Fields


    Check out the Juniper Journal for more information about this print and our styling!

    Tones: Muted Blues, Soft Pinks, Forest Green, Cream

    Why We Love It: We have two of Laci Fowler’s bright and stunning florals in the shop and we were thrilled when we saw her newest landscape work! She brings the same amount of whimsy, color and fun to her landscapes as she does to her florals. This piece is layer upon layer of intentional color, which gives it beautiful depth and organic movement throughout. We love this colorful and abstract take on landscape artwork!

    From The Artist: “Last year, when Nashville was officially on lockdown, we started taking drives as a way to get out of the house and still stay safe. The beautiful thing about living in our part of Tennessee is that you can drive about 15 minutes in any direction and start to see incredible natural beauty. One morning, I loaded up the kids and drove out to Leipers Fork, a historic part of the state that has been protected from overdevelopment. Hills, farms and colors of every kind as far as the eye can see confirmed it for me: it was time to paint this. I drove down Bailey Road and knew I wanted to paint an abstract version of what I was seeing in hopes of capturing what I was feeling. The morning sun creating the stunning shadows wasn’t withheld from me, even though pretty much everything else was at that time. I savored it. I went home and painted ‘Warm Fields’ in one sitting.”



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