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    Art by Lauren Nielsen

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    Tones: Ocean Fog, Coastal Grey, Moody Seafoam, Umber

    Why We Love It: Another beautiful landscape photograph from Lauren Nielsen. This seaside view was captured at Land's End Lookout in San Francisco. The rising tide mixed with the ocean fog adds depth and interest to this photograph.

    From The Artist: “As a Northern California native I grew up visiting San Francisco often, but this was my first time visiting Land’s End. Here you'll find breathtaking cliffside views, trails through fields of wildflowers, and the foundational remains of the Sutro Baths, a once-bustling recreation center from a bygone era now reclaimed by the sea. I took this photo while standing among the ruins of the Baths, watching the fog roll in and the waves crash ominously against the rocks, remembering that even here, in a city dominated by population and industry and ambition, it is Mother Nature who has and always will reign supreme. For me, this photo is a representation of that power, and the beauty and mystique that comes with it.”


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