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  • Meadow Flowers II


    Tones: Olive, Mulberry, Moss, Beige

    Why We Love It: Like so many others, we immediately fell in love with Kelly’s signature watercolor style. Meadow Flowers I & II are the first Kelly Ventura pieces added to our shop, though we can’t wait to add more soon! Meadow Flowers II is the somewhat warmer-toned companion that reminds us of the floral beauty found in the thick of a forest. We love pairing these prints together or allowing each of them to have their moment to shine solo!

    From the Artist: Kelly says, "Meadow Flowers I & II display gatherings of sweeping grasses & delicate berries in a soft, calming palette, just like ones you can imagine picking from a vast meadow."

    Shop the Duo- Meadow Flowers I


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