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    Art by Hannah Winters

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    Check out the Juniper Journal for more information about this print and our styling!

    Tones: Dusty Blue, Soft White, Deep Green, Warm Khaki, Mauve 

    Why We Love It: Thoughtfully painted by Hannah Winters, this soft and emotive landscape features an earthy ground against a billowy cloud-filled sky. Like a great pair of blue jeans, this art print is beautifully versatile and complements almost any space! The expressive movement of the clouds is especially striking in our oversized format.

    From The Artist: “Pasture represents a safe place where your comforter meets and sustains you. All of my paintings are rooted in my spirituality, and this piece takes me to a place where I am found, restored, and unabandoned. I can sit quietly and safely while feeling deeply understood. I think everyone can relate to searching for their place of peace, and I hope Pasture helps bring that place into their home.”


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