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    From the Vintage Collection

    Tones: Cool Gray, Cotton Seed, Hazy Blue, Olive

    Why We Love It: The subject and tones of this piece bring to mind quiet moments of escape and peaceful retreat. This painting was created nearly 120 years ago, but feels incredibly modern in its simplicity.

    About The Artist: Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi was born in 1864 in Copenhagen. His celebrated work is known for being poetic and subdued, which gives his paintings a softly modern feeling. 

    This specific painting is a part of the National Gallery of Denmark's collection and was a preliminary study for the painting "Solregn. Gentofte Sø" (“Sunny rain.  Gentofte Lake”), which Hammershøi completed in 1903. See here for more information on Juniper's Vintage collection.


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