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  • Beachgoers


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    Tones: Linen, Aqua, Salmon, Black

    Why We Love It: You can almost smell the salty ocean air just looking at this piece by Kristine Brookshire. Originally painted on canvas using acrylic and gouache, the tones of this beach scene are calming in any space, while adding a pop of interest. There is a softness and texture to this piece that translates beautifully on our matte Juniper paper.

    From the Artist: The beach holds such a special place in my heart, because it is my family's absolute favorite place to be. We live in a beach town, and our local beaches have been a true refuge in this past crazy year. It's the one place that my three kids can play with wild abandon. This piece simplifies the landscape of the actual beach into a flattened wash of color to bring the focus to the human interaction of the beachgoers. This piece was also an exercise for me in a more minimalistic but dynamic composition by having almost all the "action" in one half of the painting.


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