How to Customize Your Oversized Frame

How to Customize Your Oversized Frame

One of our favorite things about the IKEA Bjorksta frame, which we suggest using for our oversized Juniper prints, is that it can very easily be spray painted for a whole new look! The simple metal frame comes in black and aluminum, in sizes ranging from 22x55 to 55x79. While the black and aluminum are great options, sometimes a white, cream, gold or bronze might be a better option for your space!

Otis is styled here in our 40x55” size. It is framed in the Bjorksta frame painted satin bronze.

Desk /  Desk Chair /  Sisal Rug /  Striped rug (similar) / Ceiling Light / Gray Chairs (similar) /  White Side Table (similar) / Green Dressers

To spray paint the IKEA frame, follow these simple instructions:

1. Assemble your frame. This step usually eliminates scratches in your final spray paint finish.

2. Lay your assembled frame on a drop cloth, face down first. Spray a light layer focusing on the frame sides and let that coat fully dry.

3. Flip the frame, wipe down the face with a microfiber cloth and spray multiple thin layers, allowing it to dry fully in between.

4. Be sure to brush with a microfiber cloth in between coats to remove any bubbles or dust that may have attached to the frame.

5. Once the paint is FULLY dry (wait several hours for good measure), flip the frame over again on a large flat surface (you might want to use a clean drop cloth if your floors are rough) and then install your print using these steps.

*Tips for touch ups: If you get your freshly painted frame hung on the wall and notice any scratches, don't worry. Spray a small amount of spray paint into the cap of the can or a plastic cup and use a small, soft craft brush to gently dab over the scratch.

Now that you know how we like to spray paint our IKEA frames, we thought it would be helpful to also share our tried and true favorite colors below. 

(We cut down an extra IKEA frame we had on hand here at the office and painted each cut piece with our favorite spray paint colors to photograph for this post. We tried to be really careful in the photo editing process so the colors were accurate representations for you. We wanted each color to be very true to life!)

Bossen is shown here in our 55x79 size. It is paired with the Bjorksta frame painted Sunlit Brass.

(left) Pasture is shown here in our 31x47” size. It is paired with the Bjorksta frame painted Champagne Bronze.
(right) Glencoe is shown here in our 31x47” size. It is paired with the Bjorksta frame painted Hammered Chestnut.

 Shop our favorite spray paints below:

GOLDS & LIGHT BRONZES: Rustoleum Metallic Pure Gold / Rustoleum Metallic Gold / Rustoleum Metallic Satin Bronze / Rustoleum Metallic Champagne Bronze / Rustoleum Metallic Sunlit Brass

 DARK BRONZES: Rustoleum Hammered Chestnut / Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze / Rustoleum Hammered Dark Bronze

WHITES & CREAMS: Krylon Matte Clamshell / Rustoleum Blossom White / Rustoleum Shell White / Rustoleum Heirloom White

BEIGES & TAUPES: Krylon Satin Pebble / Rustoleum Almond Gloss / Rustoleum French Beige / Rustoleum Satin Fossil

Be sure to email or DM our customer service team if you are having any issues and we can help you troubleshoot!