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  • Shadow


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    Tones: Warm Black, Charcoal, Mauve, and Ivory.

    Why We Love It: Originally created with oil paint and charcoal by artist Melody McMunn, this shadowy art print features movement, texture and depth. The warm, dark, neutral tones adapt and combine beautifully with essentially any color in a space.

    From The Artist: “I painted this piece in the winter of early 2021 and was inspired by the general calm and dark nature of that time of the year. I will always see this piece and remember the quiet winter we had while the world was still on lockdown from COVID-19. It was a complex season for so many of us, and I was meditating on the feeling that it was all about to come to an end. I think the overall dark nature creates a quiet presence, while the movement of some light throughout signals to life. Pointing towards hope of a new season."


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