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  • White Sands


    Art by Sarah Ellefson

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    Tones: Warm White, Sand, Cool Gray, Olive Green

    Why We Love It: We fell in love with this beautiful, neutral landscape photographed by Sarah Ellefson. The layers of creamy, taupe tones compliment any space, while the movement of the sand amidst the misty mountain backdrop brings a sense of grounding and peace to whatever room you frame it in.

    From The Artist: "I captured this print close to just after sunrise in White Sands, New Mexico. Captivated by the absolute silence that surrounded me, I felt incredibly small and nature felt overwhelmingly beautiful. Because the sand soaks up even the smallest of noises, there's a sense of being cradled by the earth and the sky. I love this photo because just a glance takes me right back into that space."


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