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  • Ocean Sunset


    Art by Sarah Ellefson

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    Tones: Dusty Pink, Wheat, Taupe, Sandrift, Warm Twilight

    Why We Love It: Soak in this sweeping coastal view by photographer Sarah Ellefson. With the soft backdrop of the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Italian Coast, we love that it so perfectly captures the feeling of those last rays of dappled light as the creamy tones melt into the sunset.

    From The Artist:  "The Amalfi Coast is truly my happy place. I often think back to floating in the gentle waves—gazing out on the pink horizon as the sun melted away for the day. Italian sunsets are like none other, a wealth of soft colors that lazily transform into the warm twilight. In my opinion, these sunsets don't get enough praise. The postcard-worthy Positano often takes center stage in the memory, instead. I love to think of each boat dotting the sea as its own little world. On shore and on sea, we all pause to fall in love with the quiet sky and relax into a day well-lived."


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