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  • Ruthie's Meadow


    Tones: Sky Blue, Cool Gray, Rose, Olive Green, Mustard

    Why We Love It: Thoughtfully painted by Hannah Winters, this soft and emotive landscape features a lush meadow against a billowy cloud-filled sky. This art print is beautifully versatile and complements almost any space.

    From The Artist: "Ruthie's Meadow was painted when I was in a season of transition. For the first time in my life, I was stepping confidently and unapologetically into my true self. It felt scary to abandon old ideas, and when I sat down to paint, this courageous, bold, colorful meadow poured out of me. It felt familiar, like I’d been there before. Ruthie’s Meadow feels ethereal and delicate, comforting and gentle — exactly how I picture Heaven. I look at this painting and find it bursting with peace and joy."


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