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    Art by Lauren Nielsen

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    Tones: Soft sky blue, rust, gray

    Why We Love It: Taken from The High Line, Lauren Nielsen captured a bit of NYC magic in this photograph. Can you spot the arched windows, yellow taxi cabs, bike messenger, and city construction? The juxtaposition of the sun and shade add depth and interest to this photograph. We’re ready to jump right in and spend the day in NYC!

    From The Artist: "This was taken on my first trip to New York City, which was an overwhelming and exhilarating experience. I couldn't put my camera away the entire trip because every neighborhood, every street, every nook and cranny of that city had a story to tell and I just wanted to capture it all. Even though I've always been a small-town girl at heart, I hope this photo speaks to the big city dreamer in all of us."


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