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  • Fig Leaves II


    Check out the Juniper Journal for more information about this print and our styling!

    Tones: Soft white, chalky black

    Why We Love It: Katherine George is masterful at translating the organic lines of natural forms into a modern, graphic style. These Fig Leaves prints are stunning as a pair, but they also look great on their own! When hanging these in your space, we love the idea of adding some color in the form of a contrasting frame and mat, or by hanging them up against a pretty wall paint color, so that the simple soft white background of the print really pops!

    From The Artist: “We have been enjoying the fruit-bearing fig tree with its curvy, hand-shaped leaves since ancient times. I painted these at the beginning of fall when I often find myself taking extra time to appreciate the foliage around me before the trees are bare for winter. Painted with India ink, the trees are silhouetted against a soft white ground. I often like to simplify and isolate a plant to emphasize it's leafy forms and negative space.”

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