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    Art by Mande Calhoun-Gaffney 

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    Tones: Parchment, taupe, muted teal, dusty blue, deep forest

    Why We Love It: This piece was created by Mande Calhoun-Gaffney in her signature landscape style. Her work is minimal yet impactful, letting the shape and colors define the feeling of the piece. This art print is subtle and soft, with interesting contrast and movement. It features a beautiful blend of color temperature- cool and warm tones, and unique green tones throughout.

    From The Artist: “I painted Glencoe in September of 2020. Because of the Covid pandemic, we had not traveled all year and, like everyone else, we barely left our house. It was the first time I had felt like painting in months. Normally, when I paint, I get everything out and have the world at my fingertips. But while painting Glencoe, I was focused on the idea of limitations. I wanted to use minimal tools and colors in the composition without  feeling like it was lacking anything.” The palette was inspired by images of the Scottish Highlands from photographer Richard Gaston. I was drawn to the warm hues with the greens and dark contrast.”


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