How to Decorate Your Office

How to Decorate Your Office

We’ve all seen those beautifully decorated offices in magazines and dreamed of having one in our own homes, but it can feel so daunting to even start decorating! Here’s a little secret: you don’t have to spend a fortune on high-end furniture and artwork to make your office look magazine-worthy.

With a few simple additions, you can have the office of your dreams.  So many of us work from home now, so we’re sharing our best tips on how to decorate your office. These ideas are more relevant than ever!

Home Office Essentials

1. Artwork

Artwork is always first on our list for home office essentials! This should be the focal point in your office. Place your artwork on the wall behind where you are sitting so it’ll be front and center on every zoom meeting.

Whether you choose an oversized print, a duo, or trio, make sure the art is big enough to fill the space. Nothing looks sadder than a tiny print on a huge wall. We love using the IKEA Bjorksta frame to make a statement with oversized art! Best of all, it’s very affordable and easy to install with our paper or canvas prints

2. Desk

Next on our list is a desk. Whether you choose a big desk with plenty of storage, or a more open style, make sure you have lots of storage in other places (like cabinets, a closet, etc.). As styles change often, it’s best to go with something timeless for your office desk and change out other accessories from year to year. Find some of Jenny’s favorite office furniture here

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3. Comfy Chair 

Nothing is more painful than a sore back! A comfortable office chair is essential for those working from home. Find one that is cute but most importantly, supports your back. Test it out at the store before purchasing. For online orders, most companies offer a short return window so you’ll need to make up your mind quickly.

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4. Bookshelves

Who didn’t grow up dreaming of being  Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” sliding back and forth on a ladder between bookshelves? Every office needs a bookshelf or two. We love how they can be both functional and beautiful. Try sorting your books by color or size (smallest to largest) for some visual interest. Add in some fun bookends or vases for variety.

Stumped on how to decorate your home office? Find our list of essentials here:

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5. Decorative Lighting

Good lighting is so important for every room, but especially when you’re doing video calls. In addition to natural light, you should have a few other light sources in the room. Make sure your artwork is in the spotlight with a picture light, sconces, or a floor lamp. You may also want  a ring light if you’re shooting your own YouTube videos or doing live videos. 

View more lighting tips here:

Decorative Lighting Ideas to Display Your Artwork

How to Decorate Your Home Office from Juniper Print Shop.

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6. Plants

Bring the outside in with some greenery. Whether faux or real, we love the way plants can liven up a space and bring in some color. They are an instant mood lifter! Some of our favorite live plants are fiddle leaf figs, succulents (super low maintenance!), and monstera plants. We are also loving these faux olive trees below. You can add smaller plants to a bookcase, end table, or right on your desk!

Learn how to decorate your home office from Juniper Print Shop.

7. Rug

We love how a rug can bring warmth and color into a space, or act as a neutral and allow other accessories to take center stage. They can be a great addition to your office whether your flooring is wood, tile, or carpet. Area rugs help define a space and are the perfect finishing touch in making a room design look intentional!

How to Decorate Your Home Office from Juniper Print Shop.

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How to Decorate Your Office

We hope these office essentials give you the jump start you need to decorate your own home office! A beautifully decorated space can transform your room into somewhere you want to be and look forward to spending time in each day. It’s so important to surround yourself with things you love!

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