How to Find Eye-Catching Wall Art at an Affordable Price

Find out how to find eye-catching wall-art at an affordable price with Juniper!

Don’t you hate it when you fall in love with a piece of art, only to find out the price tag is well out of your budget? It can feel almost impossible to find eye-catching wall art at an affordable price… that’s where Juniper comes in! Juniper Print Shop was founded by interior designer Jenny Komenda with the idea that statement art can be both well-curated and affordable.

We’re here to share our best tips for finding beautiful art without blowing your budget.

Pick a Color Scheme

When you are choosing artwork, start with the color scheme for the room you’re designing. It’s important to select pieces that will match the color palette and style of your home. Look for artwork that can tie into existing colors in your couch, area rug, pillows, and other accessories.

Did you know that you can search our site by color? If you’re looking for a specific tone like lavender or peach, simply type the color name in the search bar at the top right of the Juniper Print Shop website, and will pull up a list of matching results. Each print has a description that details which colors are in the print, making shopping for a specific color so easy! If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, start with our neutrals collection, or browse specific types of print like landscapes, florals, or abstract

Choose a piece that speaks to you and  highlights the colors in the room where it will hang. You can find styled images on our Instagram that will  help inspire you and get your ideas flowing!

Find oversized art at an affordable price with Juniper Print Shop.

Choose a Print Size

After you’ve selected a print, it’s time to decide which size you want to order. When it comes to art, we’re of the mindset that bigger is almost always better. Nothing makes a statement quite like a large piece of oversized art!. Ordering a large piece of art in a custom frame can cost a fortune, which is why we offer our prints in several different large sizes that are compatible with the affordable IKEA Bjorksta frame. If you don’t love the color options that IKEA offers, you can also personalize your frame by spray painting it a different color. 

View our IKEA sizes and frame tutorial here

How to Customize Your Oversized Frame

Find oversized art at an affordable price with Juniper Print Shop.

Select Your Medium

We offer our prints in both paper and canvas. They are printed in-house and many are available to ship immediately! If you want to know the difference between the two, check out our post Paper vs. Canvas - Pros and Cons. For standard size prints (24x36 and smaller), you can also pick a digital download and print the file yourself!

Find oversized art at an affordable price with Juniper Print Shop.

Shop Sales

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Shopping sales throughout the year is a great way to save money and stock up on your favorite art prints. Do your shopping ahead of time and have your cart loaded and ready to go when that sale arrives. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our emails to be on the lookout for upcoming sales! We usually have a big sale in the summer and another around Black Friday in November.

Find oversized art at an affordable price with Juniper Print Shop.

Subscribe to Emails and Texts

Another great way to save is by signing up for our email and text messaging lists. First-time buyers can typically save more on their first purchase by signing up for emails and texts. Subscribe to our Juniper emails and text messages to save 15%!


How to Find Eye-Catching Wall Art at an Affordable Price

Don’t get discouraged if you’ve had a hard time finding affordable art in the past. Check out our IKEA frame tutorial and have fun choosing an oversized print that will match your home decor. Remember that digital downloads are another great option! Use our handy search bar to shop by color or style and email us at with any questions! 

For more design inspiration and styling ideas, find us on Instagram and TikTok. We love seeing how you style our prints in your space! Tag us @juniperprintshop on Instagram and use #myjuniper for a chance to be featured!

How to find beautiful wall art on a budget - shop at Juniper Print Shop.
Find inexpensive art that wows! with Juniper Print Shop.
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How to find affordable wall art - shop Juniper Print Shop!
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