Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Art When Staging a Home

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Art When Staging a Home

Staging a home takes practice and skill. If you’ve never done it before, then even something as simple as picking out the art can feel completely overwhelming. Some people might try to skip this step all together, but art pieces are vital for creating the desired mood and feeling of a space. The founder of Juniper Print Shop, Jenny, is deeply passionate about interior design, and has the ability to make every room feel special.  (Need proof? Check out this amazing room makeover Jenny did here). Once you’re equipped with Jenny’s 5 expert tips for choosing the right art when staging a home, you’re sure to be able to complete your project with ease! 

#1 Get Acquainted with the Space

Before purchasing any art, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the space you’re staging. Take the size, layout, and overall style of the room into consideration. Be careful to notice architectural features, colors, and existing decor elements. 

When you have the decor style you’re aiming for pinned down, you’ll be better able to visualize what is possible for that space. 

Another tip that Jenny likes to use is to pick one design element that you’re really excited about, and then base all of your decisions around that one focal point. Whether you choose a specific piece of art from Juniper Print Shop or a couch that you can’t stop thinking about, you can then base your choices on that inspiration for the rest of the space.

Juniper Print Art in a hallway

To see Jenny use this trick in a real-life scenario, you can see the amazing bathroom she did here, all inspired by a tile she was obsessed with at the time (And I mean, it was pretty stunning). 

#2 Use a Variety of Artwork 

Don’t be afraid to use LARGE prints. Our oversized Juniper prints help make your space feel a little less empty.  Large prints intimidate some people, but they are so easy and affordable to use with these 3 simple steps. 

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Art When Staging a Home: Staged Living Room

Another great way to introduce a variety of artwork into the home you’re staging is to create a gallery wall. Gallery walls  instill a fun, eclectic mood in your space while still resonating with a wide-range of people walking through the staged home. When you use a mix of different art mediums in a gallery wall or throughout a home, you’re able to create a more layered and intentional look.

There are four main things we recommend when putting together a gallery wall in  your staged home. First, utilize our Print Preview Tool on your mobile device to really envision what the art is going to look like on your wall before purchasing. 

Second, when arranging your art on the wall, always start with your largest print first. Then, mix in a variety of art subjects (portraits, landscapes, florals, etc.). Finally, create visual balance by ensuring you have dark tones moving across your arrangement. 

That’s how we created this gallery wall here, in case you needed a little inspo!

#3 Consider the Color Palette 

To choose the right art when staging a home, it’s important to consider the color palette. Use art pieces in your space that have complementary or contrasting colors to the dominant hues in the space. By doing so, you’ll tie the room together and create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere. Remember, don't be afraid to play with color,  just make sure it aligns with the overall aesthetic. 

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Art When Staging a Home: Staged Living Room

We have over 400 prints on our site, so you are bound to find the perfect print for your space!

#4 Mix Up Art Styles 

At Juniper Print Shop, we carry a variety of different art styles,  from abstract to floral to portraits. All of these different styles will add depth and character to your home or the home you are staging. When mixing different design styles you’ll be able to create a really live-in look that will resonate with just about anyone! 

Gallery Wall with Juniper Prints

Here’s an example of mixing artwork that Jenny created for a quick one-day makeover of her friend’s living room. You can see the abstract and the landscape artwork work come together to create a fun, cozy vibe! 

#5 Make Sure You Get Perfect Placement 

After finding and choosing the right art for the home you’re staging, it’s time to hang it. Placement is almost as important as the artwork itself.  

Artwork should only occupy 60-75% of the wall space above your piece of furniture or couch. If you don’t follow this easy formula, then your artwork might look off-balance in your space–and who wants that?

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Art When Staging a Home: Staged Living Room

Make sure to consider the placement of art in each room carefully. Hang the print so the center is at eye level, ensuring it is neither too high nor too low. 

If you are hanging a large piece of artwork, don’t forget the frame! By using the Bjorksta frame from IKEA, you can hang any of our large art pieces for a very affordable price. Plus, Jenny loves painting frames to match the other colors in the space (that’s tip #3 in action). The Bjorksta frame only comes in two colors (black and aluminum), but you can paint them to match your space. 

If you have an old solid wood frame that you want to use instead, check out Jenny’s tutorial using oven cleaner to easily strip the wood. It gives the frame  that bleached white oak look that’s so popular. Make sure to watch this reel before attempting it yourself because there are some very important safety tips that you’ll need to know before proceeding!

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Art When Staging a Home

Now that you’re armed with these 5 expert tips, you’re sure to succeed when it comes to choosing the right art for staging a home! Start browsing our latest collections at Juniper Print Shop today! 

And if you’re still feeling unsure, make sure to follow Juniper on Instagram for more inspiration!

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Art for Staging a Home
Choosing the Right Artwork while staging a home
Expert Tips for choosing the Right art when staging a home
How to Choose Artwork for Staging Homes
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