How to Arrange Picture Frames on a Wall

How to Arrange Picture Frames on a Wall

There are SO many fun and different ways to arrange photos and artwork on a wall. Whether you have one, two, or ten prints, it’s important to have a plan for hanging pictures before you start. We’re sharing our favorite ways to style artwork in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, entryways, and small spaces. No matter the size of your space, or your decor style, you’ll find plenty of styling tips here!

Gallery Wall

One of our favorite ways to fill a large space is to create a gallery wall. We recommend choosing one piece of artwork as your focal point. Choose your favorite/ most meaningful print for this! Start with that favorite print and place it right at eye level. You can then vary the sizes of the other artwork around this focal point. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different frame styles. It’s all about what speaks to you! 

You can find vintage frames from local thrift stores, or decide on two to three different frame styles from our collection. There are no set rules when it comes to gallery walls. The variety of frames and prints gives it a more curated look. Find our best tips for hanging a gallery wall on this post

Frame TV

From a design standpoint, we love the look of a Frame TV. It has all of the functionality of a TV with the versatility of showcasing your favorite artwork.  Can’t choose what art to display on your Frame TV? We carry bundles of artwork in different decor styles to suit your needs! 

Shop our Frame TV bundles here.

Don’t be afraid to surround your Frame TV with other framed prints. It doesn’t have to be the only piece of art on the wall! Make the TV the focal point and add traditional art prints around it, creating a gallery wall of sorts. See how Sarah styled hers here. 

If your Frame TV has built-in shelves around it, use some smaller prints on the shelf and accessorize with books and other decor. Use coordinating frame colors or let the Frame TV take center stage.

Grid Pattern

If a gallery wall feels too overwhelming, consider doing a grid pattern on your wall instead. This may appeal more to our left-brained friends who like things in a neat, orderly fashion. Choose matching frames in one uniform size and fill them with your favorite prints.  

If you are having trouble finding coordinating prints, you can also take an oversized print and cut it up into two, three, or four prints! It takes some careful planning and measuring, but you can do it! We loved the look of our Grass print separated into four prints here:

Try splitting an oversized print into four different pieces for a change! Visit juniper for more ideas.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to a certain medium, or color theme when choosing coordinating prints. Add in some abstract paintings along with photography prints. You can even include some of your children’s artwork for a personal touch. After all, our homes should reflect our lives and who we love!

Oversized Print

Nothing is more impressive than a massive, beautiful print to capture your attention when you walk into a room. There’s a time and place for a gallery wall, but we also love the minimalistic look of an oversized print above a sofa or in an entryway. It catches the eye right away and shows off the amazing details of the print.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this look. Our oversized prints are compatible with the budget-friendly IKEA Bjorksta frame. 

Wondering how to frame a large-format print? Find our best tips for framing oversized prints here.

Some of our favorite prints in large-scale format are Isle of Skye, Journey II, Coastline, Serenity, Otis, and Lowland

Built-in Wainscoting

Do you have decorative molding or wainscoting in your dining room? Use it to feature some of your favorite prints! Measure the framed-out sections and choose a print or two that would fit in that area. Leave a few inches of border around the frames. If you have three sections of wainscoting, consider just using one print in the middle and adding sconces on either side of the print.

You can also let the frame hang over the wainscoting, especially if it is a horizontal or large scale piece. There’s not one right way to do things, so try out a few different prints in the space and see which one you like best.

Overlapping Stack on Mantel

For a large mantel, you can’t go wrong with a decorative mirror. Add in two smaller prints in front of it in varying heights. Choose one vertical and one horizontal print for visual interest. These are easy to change out seasonally since there is no hanging involved. This is one of our favorite ways to style a fireplace!

Art Ledge

If you don’t want to hang one large piece of art behind your sofa, try using an art ledge. Simply hang the ledge and fill it with your favorite artwork. Layer larger prints in the back with smaller ones staggered in between. Mix family photos with typography and landscape art. Vary your frame styles as well to keep the eye moving. Be creative and have fun! 

We like to call this design style “playful layering.” You don’t have to plan out every detail ahead of time. Style it one way and then live with it for a few days to see how you like it. Then move a few things around and see how it compares. This one is also easy to change out every few months since you don’t have to hang all the prints!

Find some examples of this on our Instagram.

Group of Two or Three

For small walls or spaces, consider a set of two or three prints in a neat, vertical stack. Position them on top of each other between curtains or in that awkward space at the edge of a countertop. We love abstract sets like Amber I and Amber II for small spaces. Add matching frames for a uniform look.

For a darker background, try Botanical III and Botanical IV. Pair with a white mat and lighter frame to make these prints pop! Dahlia I, Dahlia II, and Dahlia III make a beautiful trio! We love the vibrant pink, greens, and yellows in these prints. 

Lastly, your set of two doesn’t have to be the same size or orientation. We love Faithful Fields I and Faithful Fields II because one is vertical and the other is a horizontal print. The fluidity of the border on these prints makes them so unique!

How to Arrange Picture Frames on a Wall

We hope you found some helpful ideas about how to arrange picture frames on the wall. The biggest rule of thumb when arranging pictures on your walls is that there are no rules. There’s not one set way to do things. In fact, you can use a different style for each space in your home. It takes a lot of trial and error to get things just right. If you’ve been looking at the same prints on your walls for the last few years, it may be time to change things up! Check out our new releases here. And be sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more design inspiration.

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